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Interested In Swift Dzire Style

Another generation Maruti Suzuki Dzire was officially revealed after much anticipation. This is the country’s favourite small sedan as its intro in 2007, it has been selling in vast quantities consistently. Now with the next-generation model, the design has become more modern day with improved features and gratification. This model will also, the first time, offer AMT across a wider number of variants.


  • July 01, 2017: With GST kicking in, prices of the Maruti Dzire have been modified. Prices have become down across all variants.
  • The starting price for the sub-four metre sedan now begins at Rs 5. 40 lakh, in contrast to Rs 5. 73 lakh. That’s a difference of Rs 23, 000.
  • Do be aware that prices for insurance are slightly higher, as they are taxed at 18 every cent rather than the early 15 per cent.


       Variant name                                                                                                                         Price

  • LXI                          1197cc Petrol, Manual, 22 kmpl                                                ₹ 5.53 Lakhs
  • VXI                          1197cc Petrol, Manual, 22 kmpl                                                ₹ 6.41 Lakhs
  • LDI                          1248cc Diesel, Manual, 28.4 kmpl                                           ₹ 6.77 Lakhs
  • VXI AMT               1197cc Petrol, Automatic, 22 kmpl                                           ₹ 6.88 Lakhs
  • ZXI                          1197cc Petrol, Manual, 22 kmpl                                                ₹ 7.07 Lakhs
  • VDI                         1248cc Diesel, Manual, 28.4 kmpl                                            ₹ 7.39 Lakhs
  • ZXI AMT               1197cc Petrol, Automatic, 22 kmpl                                           ₹ 7.54 Lakhs
  • VDI AMT               1248cc Diesel, Automatic, 28.4 kmpl                                      ₹ 7.86 Lakhs
  • ZXI Plus                1197cc Petrol, Manual, 22 kmpl                                                ₹ 7.96 Lakhs
  • ZDI                          1248cc Diesel, Manual, 28.4 kmpl                                           ₹ 8.08 Lakhs
  • ZXI Plus AMT     1197cc Petrol, Automatic, 22 kmpl                                            ₹ 8.43 Lakhs
  • ZDI AMT               1248cc Diesel, Automatic, 28.4 kmpl                                       ₹ 8.55 Lakhs
  • ZDI Plus                1248cc Diesel, Manual, 28.4 kmpl                                            ₹ 8.97 Lakhs
  • ZDI Plus AMT     1248cc Diesel, Automatic, 28.4 kmpl                                        ₹ 9.44 Lakhs



The all-new Dzire is here which time, rather than a hatch with a ‘boot job’, Maruti has designed it from the surface up to fit the segment and packed it packed with features in an attempt to decimate the competition. Selection way to put those ambitions to the test than with an entire blown multi-car small sedan shootout.Presently we’re all familiar with the formula for the class but in the event, let me reiterate – for manufacturers to receive ‘small car’ duty benefits, automobiles can not be longer than four meters and must feature a diesel engine smaller than 1, 500cc or a petrol engine less space-consuming than 1, 200cc. And in pandering to the demand for a reasonable ‘big car’ (which usually has a boot rather than a hatch), all of our protagonists follow a three-box, sedan design. Attempting to keep the Maruti Suzuki Dzire honest on this test are the Volkswagen Ameo, the Ford producer Aspire, Tata Tigor and the Hyundai Xcent. The Maruti Suzuki Dzire has AMT options in both petrol and diesel motors while Hyundai only offers a conventional programmed using their petrol-engined car. The Aim offers a dual clutch system programmed petrol and the Ameo is the only car to give a dual clutch diesel option. Nevertheless we’ve chosen the top-end diesel cars with manual transmissions which we feel will serve the need for almost all of you away there

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